Image Crafter Professional Photography

Portrait of David Colbert Adirondack Photographer

David R. Colbert, Photographer

Image Crafter Professional Photography is owned by award winning photographer David Colbert. David specializes in portraits of wild and scenic places such as New York's spectacular Adirondack Mountains and other natural wonders. Image Crafter Professional Photography also provides other photographic services such as wedding and portrait photography in the Adirondacks and the Central New York area.

Exhibits and Publications:

David's photographs have been exhibited in the Central New York Area as well as in the Adirondacks, including the Old Forge Arts Center. His photos have also been published in magazines, such as Adirondack Life, regional newspapers, newsletters and brochures. We hope that you have been able to see past exhibits or publications of David's photographs. His photographs are even more beautiful in-person!

The Photographs:

The photographs that you see in this web site were created with traditional film cameras and digital SLRs. A tripod with a ball head is often used due to long exposure times and the improvement in image quality that results from the use of a tripod. David uses very few filters or digital tricks in his photographs. Those used include polarizing, warming (81A or 81B to reduce blue cast), and graduated neutral density filters. Any spectacular colors that you see in the photographs are generally not the result of filters or computer manipulation (unless otherwise noted!).