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Birches in Snow

Adirondack Photography Birches in Snow

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This image was created along Route 30 which heads North-South through the Adirondacks. I have created many great images along the roadsides in the Adirondacks or just a short distance from a road. I stop frequently to explore interesting areas that I spot from my car. This image was published in Adirondack Life magazine.

For the Shutterbugs:

"Birches in Snow" was created with my Nikon F4 camera, and 28 - 70 mm lens (set at approximately 35 mm), Bogen 3021 tripod: f16 for 1/2s. Film - Kodak Lumiere (LPZ), ISO 100. The bluish color in the snow is a result of the fading light after sunset. The snow is highly reflective as a result of freezing rain on top of new snow. The crusty coating could almost support my weight.

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