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Brown Eyed Susans

Adirondack Photography Brown Eyed Susans

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This photograph was created at Baltimore Woods, a small educational park near Marcellus, New York. Baltimore Woods is a great place to walk and learn about ecosystems and succession. If you are in the Syracuse area, look for programs to be announced in the Herald Journal, or the New Times.

To get the perspective of the flowers against the sky, I had to lay on the ground and create the photograph with a wide-angle lens. I like the contrast between the yellow flowers and the blue sky on this sunny day and the unusual perspective that comes from shooting up at a flower.

For the Shutterbugs:

"Brown Eyed Susans" was created with my Nikon F4 camera, and 28 - 70 mm lens (set at 28 mm), hand-held (while laying on my back): f11.6 for 1/30s. Film - Kodak Lumiere, ISO 100. Polarizing filter. Since this was a breezy day, and I was using a realtively slow shutter speed (1/30s), I made many exposures in an attempt to get a few without the flower in motion.

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