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Buttermilk Falls at Dawn

Adirondack Photography Buttermilk Falls at Dawn

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Buttermilk Falls is located on the Raquette River near Long Lake in the Adirondacks. Since it is very close to a road, it is easily accessible and popular with tourists.

I wanted to photograph the falls at dawn for several diferent reasons. First, I love the light at dawn. It often has a unique quality that adds interest to any photograph. Second, since I have visited the falls before, I knew that I would need to create the photograph in indirect lighting so that the contrast would not be too high. In direct lighting, when the sun is higher in the sky, there are very deep shadows and very bright areas that film cannot reproduce. Third, arriving before dawn, I was pretty sure that I would be able to photograph without interfering with other people's enjoyment of the falls (and vice versa). Last, I wanted to create a photograph that would be true to the falls' name. In order to create a photograph where the water resembles "Buttermilk," I needed to use a long exposure that is necessary in low light.

This was one of two photographs that I entered into the photography contest at the Old Forge Arts Center in the heart of the Adirondacks. The other was "Bog Brook After a Storm." Plan on visiting to see some great examples of Adirondack art.

For the Shutterbugs:

"Buttermilk Falls at Dawn" was created with my Hasselblad 500 CM camera, and 50 mm lens, Bogen 3021 tripod with ball head: f22 for 8s. Film - Kodak E100SW, ISO 100. The very long exposure helps to enhance the "Buttermilk" look of the water.

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