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Ron on Castle Rock

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Castle Rock is a small mountain overlooking Blue Mountain Lake in the central Adirondacks. At 700 feet above the lake, Castle Rock offers spectacular views of Blue Mountain Lake and the surrounding area. The approximately 4 mile round trip is very easy going, suitable for beginners and those with children. If you are staying at Syracuse University's Minnowbrook Conference Center, Hemlock Hall, or anywhere in the area, this is a "must see." My personal recommendation: Bring a picnic lunch and your sunscreen and stay a while.

Special thanks to my friend and colleague Ron Pernisi for allowing me to use this image on this web site.

See Also: Minnow Brook. which is nearby

For the Shutterbugs:
This photograph was taken with my Nikon F4, 28 - 70 mm lens , handheld: f16 for 1/125s. Film - Kodak E100SW, ISO 100. Enhanced with Adobe Photoshop to bring out the details in the foliage that was lost in the scanning process.

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