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Mossy Cascade

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I created this photograph of Minnow Brook while staying at Hemlock Hall near the village of Blue Mountain Lake. Hemlock Hall is located near Syracuse University's Minnowbrook Conference Center on the shores of Blue Mountain Lake. All of which are beautiful places to visit. I love the lush green moss in this photo as the water trickles among the rocks. The overall green color of the photo gives the impression of serenity.

See Also: The description of Castle Rock, a nearby hike.

For the Shutterbugs:
This photograph was taken with my Nikon F4, 28 - 70 mm lens (at 28mm), and Bogen 3021 tripod: f22 for 1s. Film - Fuji Velvia, ISO 50. The close-up view with a wide angle lens makes the brook look bigger than it really is.

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