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Photographing in the Rain

I often photograph in less than ideal conditions from wet and raining to freezing and snowing. In some of my other tips, I discussed how to prevent condensation. Therefore, I will only mention that it is an important consideration when photographing in poor weather conditions.

Basically, you need to treat your camera equipment the same way that you treat yourself. In other words keep it dry and protected from the effects of wind and moisture. In the rain, there are many different options. In a light mist, I may not cover my equipment at all, but I wipe everything with an absobent towel before I put it away. In heavier rain, an umbrella or sheet of plastic may be used (use clear plastic so you can see what you are doing). There are also commercially made rain hoods that do an outstanding job of keeping things dry. The Laird Rain Hood, is a good example.

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