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More About Fall Photography:
Enhancing Your Photos With Filters

There are many filters available to enhance your photography, but two are particularly useful to help enhance you fall photos: the warming filter, and the enhancing filter.

The warming filter is the Wratten 81 series - 81A, 81B, 81C etc. Each step provides progressively more filtration. The warming filter "warms" the light or reduces its color temperature. Remember that red light ( < 5600 K) is warm and blue light ( > 5600 K) is cool. The warming filter reduces the blue in photos that can be caused by an overcast sky or photographing in the shade. If neither of these conditions are available, it simply warms the light. The effect on fall foliage is that reds, oranges, and yellows are slightly enhanced.

The enhancing filter is much more dramatic. These are also known as rare earth or didymium filters. The effect that these filters have on red objects is very dramatic, but they tend to leave a magenta cast, especailly on neutral colored objects. Also, colors other than red are not enhanced very much. Use this filter sparingly.

Also, don't forget the polarizer, whose use is described in Tip #17.

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