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Tips for Taking Your Camera Afield - Part 3 (Biking)

If you haven't guessed by now, I take a camera with me wherever I go, including biking and mountain biking trips. I have found this to be one of the most difficult sports to bring a camera on, especially when mountain biking. The need for mobility, and the constant bumps make wearing a pack uncomfortable and placing equipment in a pannier or caboose pack that attaches to your bike requires extremely good padding. Although, riding on pavement is much smoother, I would still recommend padding equipment well and placing it in a pack.

When bicycling, the weight and size of your photo equipment is even more important than in other sports. For that reason, I often use my Pentax 90WR point and shoot camera, or only the essentials in an SLR outfit when bicycling. Padded well in a backpack or "fanny-pack," my camera will stay safe and will be with me when I want it. If there is a chance of your equipment getting wet, pack it in plastic zip-lock bags.

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