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Did you get a digital camera for Christmas?

Whether Santa was kind to you, or you've been using one for a while, you might be wondering how to best utilize it for your nature photographs.

Most digital cameras sold today are of the fixed-lens, or "point and shoot" variety. This article will be biased toward that type of camera. Digital SLRs (the type with interchangeable lenses like a traditional 35mm camera), are similar but are geared toward more advanced users who want more control over their camera's features.

Preparing to Take Your Digital Camera Afield

Most digital cameras that I've seen or used have the same basic limitations that any other camera has.

Capturing Your Digital Landscape Photos

Digital cameras have some definite advantages over film cameras, but again, many of the same techniques apply to getting great photos.

Back at Home

The fun continues! Once you've captured your digital photos, your work is not done. Now it's time to download, edit, and tweak them. I'll be back with another article that will cover tips for some of these tasks. Until then, happy shooting!

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