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Photographing Fall Foliage

Here are some tips to enhance your photos of those beautiful fall colors.

Film: Try to use a saturated film. These are generally the slower-speed films (ISO 100 and less). These also tend to be higher in contrast. Try Kodak's Elite slide film and Royal Gold 100 print film. In Pro films, try Kodak E100 slide film, or Pro 100 print film. Also, Fuji's Velvia slide film can't be beat for its incredible color saturation (however it comes at the expense of contrast and shadow detail).

Filters: On sunny days, a polarizing filter will reduce glare and help increase saturation as a result. If the day is cloudy or overcast, a warming filter may help to reduce the bluish light that is dulling the fall colors. There are also some very specialized (and expensive) filters called enhancing filters, or rare earth filters that enhance certain colors.

Other Effects: Try photographing early or late in the day when the light tends to be warmer. Also, try photographing right after a rain or heavy dew, and experiment with backlighting.

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