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Snowy Mountain

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I had originally thought this was the mountain named "Snowy Mountain." I have since found out that this is in actuality "Lewey Mountain." Since it is a "snowy" mountain, I haven't bothered to change the name of the photo.

Snowy Mountain is located near the village of Indian Lake in the southeastern Adirondacks. It is also very close to the Lewey Lake State Campground which makes it very convenient for an overnight stay.

The trail starts on Route 30, just 7 miles south of Indian Lake or 17 miles north of Speculator. The first 2.5 miles is a rather easy, rolling trail. However, the last 1.2 miles ascends almost the entire rise of 2100 feet in a rugged eroded trail. The views are some of the best available in the Southern Adirondacks, so try to choose a nice day to climb. Bring plenty of water as there is only one reliable water source on the 7.5 mile round trip.

For the Shutterbugs:

This photograph was taken with my Nikon F4, 28-80mm lens at 28mm, and Bogen 3021 tripod: f16 for 1/15s. Polarizing filter used to reduce glare. Film - Kodak Lumiere LPZ (warm balance), ISO 100.

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