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The Summit of Cascade Mountain

Adirondack Photography The Summit of Cascade Mountain

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You probably would never guess that this image was actually made in October, not January! It just goes to show you that mountains have a habit of creating their own, sometimes unexpected, weather!

Cascade is considered by many to be the easiest climb of the Adirondack High Peaks; Its trailhead starts at the shoulder of the highway, and at just over two miles to the summit, it's a relatively easy climb. Don't get the wrong impression about Cascade though! Its huge bald summit and impressive views are among the best in the Adirondacks, especially for the level of effort. The only drawback is its popularity. The Cascade trail also offers access to the much less visited Porter Mountain via a side trail which, although not as spectacular as Cascade, should not be missed.

For the Shutterbugs:

"The Summit of Cascade Mountain" was created with my Nikon F4 camera, and 28 - 70mm lens (set at 28mm), Bogen 3021 tripod: f22 for 1s. Film - Kodak Lumiere, ISO 100. No Filtration. Cable release to reduce vibrations and make exposure easier with mittens on.

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